Type rating helicopter

On your helicopter license, you obtain a type rating for the type you took your lessons and your exam on. You are only allowed to fly this type. Do you wish to fly another type of helicopter than you can complete a type rating training. Basically this is a short familiarization course where you learn all the specifics of this new type.


What are the requirements for a type rating?

Helicopters are somewhat more complex than airplanes. That is the reason why you only get a rating for the type you had your training on. For any other type of helicopter that you want to fly, you have to take a few hours of training and pass an exam. This way you get to know all the specifics of the new type. When you pass the exam you can add the rating to your license.

Type Rating Robinson 44

To obtain this type rating,you either train for your PPL on this aircraft and get the rating when you pass your PPL exam. Or you need to have at least a PPL(H) on another helicopter. Than you will get 5 hours of groundschool on the Flight Manual of the Robinson 44 and at least 5 hours of practical training on the R44.

We have the possibility to get some extra, cheap training in on our lifelike R44 simulator. At the end of the type rating course there is a skill test. Passing the test means you got a new type rating and are now allowed to fly this type of helicopter.


Type Rating Bölkow 105

Because the Bölkow is a multi engine turbine aircraft, it requires a bit more flying experience and theoretical knowledge. After 5 days of groundschool at our school in Lelystad you know all there is to know about its Flight Manual and Systems Manual. Than there is at least 8 hours of practical training to get used to flying this machine.

When you feel comfortable your skills on the Bo-105 have evolved sufficiently, you take the skill test. With this Type Rating on your license a beautiful flying experience awaits on this awesome helicopter.