Get your CPL

To work as a pilot you need at least a Commercial Pilot License. As a private pilot you have gained some experience and now it's time to get back to school! More books and more practical training to raise your flying skills and get your CPL.

get your CPL

To start for your Commercial Pilot Licence, or CPL, you need around 100 hours as a Pilot-In-Command (PIC). You can fly these hours in the Netherlands at Rotor & Wings or (partly) abroad. We support whatever you choose and try to accomodate you with assignments that will help you gain valuable experience.


The program exists of:

  • PPL
  • 100 hrs PIC
  • minimum 30 hrs CPL training
  • thirteen theoretical subjects


The theory is a (mandatory) combination of online learning and class room meetings. The theoretical subjects and exams are in English. The theory has to be completed before you can take your practical exam. Of course you can start your practical training before you have finished all of your theoretical exams.

A Medical class 1 is required for a CPL. You have to be at least 18 years old before you can pass your CPL exam.