Get your ATPL

ATPL stands for Airline Transport Pilot Licence. You need an ATPL to be able to work at the large airlines.


ATPL or Frozen ATPL?

The ATPL theory is even more comprehensive than for CPL. There is an extra subject and the exams are longer and more in-depth. When you have your ATPL theory certificateand the practical training for CPL with ME and IR, you get a "Frozen ATPL".

All of these certificates and ratings you can get at Rotor & Wings.

Your education is now finished and you can apply for a job at a large company.


To transfer from a Frozen ATPL-H to a normal ATPL-H you need to build some experience.As a helicopter pilot this means you need:

  • 1000 hrs total time on helicopters, of which:
  • 350 hrs Multi Pilot
  • 250 hrs Pilot in Command
  • 200 hrs Cross Country
  • 100 hrs Night Flying
  • 30 hrs Instrument Flight


Basically this means that you can only get a fully operable Airline Transport License, when you work at a larger company.