You have your license for a while now and flying comes easy to you. You would love to fly more but lack a sense of purpose during your flights. When you take guests you like to tell them what you do and why you do it. Sharing the passion for flying and passing your knowledge. You could be an instructor.


You start with an assesment of competence to figure out what your entry level is. The course is directed to improving all of your skills. For starters you will learn how to teach in about 25 hours in a classroom. The greater part of the remaining 100 hours are used to cover all the subjects you would normally cover in briefings. In the end you should explain to students what happens during an autorotation, what translational lift is and why vortex ring state is something you want to avoid.


All exercises in the PPL syllabus are flown during the practical training. You will be in the instructors seat and an instructor will be the dummy-student. You will show an exercise while explaining what you do. Than your 'student' will fly the exercise while you try to fix little mistakes and take control in unexpected situations. A real liflelike situation. In about 30 hours your practical skills are finetuned to a level where you feel in control in pretty much every situation.


This course will give you even more joy in flying because you get an even better understanding of everything. You fly with a lot of different people in different circumstances and that could teach you something new every flight. In the mean time you collect valuable hours of experience.


To start the flight instructor course you need a CPL-H with at least 250 hours Total Time of which 100 hours as Pilot in Command.