Theoretical courses from PPL to ATPL

For every license some theoretical knowledge is required. Flying is more fun when you know what you're doing. Therefor we think it's important that we share our knowledge and help you to pass the exams. We can assist you in theoretical courses from PPL to ATPL. This can be individual or in classes.


The theoretical course for a license, where you learn something about every aspect of flying, are often in a class. Studying together can be motivating and you might learn something from each other. Subjects like meteorology, air law and navigation, but also human performance, principles of flight and mass and balance will be dealt with. To sign in for an exam you will need to have had several hours in class but this varies per subject and per license. Our courses are designed to fit these requirements.

Bottlenecks become clear through the active approach of our instructors and problems are solved quickly. All of this happens at our school in Lelystad. One single address for everything your license asks for.


The groundschool for a helicopter typerating, where you study all the relevant details of the particular helicopter, is often individual.