This is what a practical training looks like

It starts in the class room with a theoretical briefing. Preceding the practice you discuss all the exercises that will be flown that day. When you understand what will happen in the air and in the helicopter, it is much easier to execute the excercises properly.

Following the briefing you go into the hangar to check the aircraft. In this preflight check you make sure the aircraft is ready and safe to fly. When everything is ok, the fun part starts: you go flying!

Because of the briefing you already know what to expect. In the air you can concentrate on flying and the instructions to improve. You have the controls in your hands to steer the aircraft and with every flight you will literally feel more in control.

After landing at the end of the lesson, you get out with a big smile on your face. The instructor than tells you how you have done. What went well and what needs some more attention.


A lot of student pilots don't realize how much time flight preparation actually takes. To fly for an hour, you will be at our school in Lelystad for approximately 2,5 to 3 hours. At first most of the preparation will be the theoretical briefing about the exercises and the helicopter. As you advance and get a grip on the aerodynamics and the controllability of the helicopter, there will be more time for the normal flight preparation. This is when you will learn about how to calculate your Mass&Balance, navigate a route, check the weather and everything else you need to know before a flight starts.



*how much weight can you take? where are you going? how long can you fly?*