What does a modular education look like?

Rotor & Wings has a modular education model. Every part of your license you can achieve step by step, from PPL to ATPL. Every license is a complete course which you can use as soon as you pass your exam. Do you need a break before you can proceed with the next level license, you can. In the mean time you can fly with the license that you have already achieved.



E.g.: At the end of the PPL course, you pass your exam and get your license. Now you can fly with family and friends while you keep studying to move on towards CPL or IR. Another advantage of modular education is that you don't need to pay in advance. You pay as you fly.



There are about 25 different courses you can choose from between fixed-wing and helicopter. You can start at any given moment, you don't need to wait until there are enough others to fill a class. We care to customize the planning of your lessons.


With all training courses, Rotor & Wings uses an EASA approved syllabus. Within this framework there is space for flexibility per student. All theory classes are instructed at our school at Lelystad airport. Our instructors take care of the the practical as well as the theoretical trainng. This way we assure both parts of the course are complementary.



Our school in Lelystad is also home to our helicoptersimulator made of a Robinson 44. For fixed-wing airplanes we use a FNPT II simulator, which can be adjusted to the type of airplane you fly: SEP, MEP or Jet. You'll be surprised how fast your skills improve after a few hours instruction on this simulator.


Airport Lelystad

The school is the starting point for every practical training. From Lelystad we fly to airfields in the Netherlands and some in the boundary areas of Germany and Belgium. Do you wish to fly a bit further to the UK or France, we can fit this in in your course trajectory.