Get your PPL

The first step towards being a pilot is getting your Private Pilot License. With this PPL you may fly an aircraft by yourself. It is allowed to take passengers but not for commercial gain.

Your Private Pilot License

The course to obtain a PPL exists of:

  • practical lessons, a minimum of 45 hours of flying
  • seven theoretical subjects
  • English Language Proficiency exam (LPE)
  • Radiotelephony (RT)


The practical part can be completed in approximately six months, depending on the progress on the theoretical subjects.

The theory can be studied by yourself, with guidance from Rotor & Wings. The subjects are, amongst others, Meteorology, Air Law and Human Performance. When you take the exams in the Netherlands, they will be in Dutch, it's possible to take the exams in English.


Because radio communication is mainly in English, the Language Proficiency Exam tests your ability to express yourself in this language.


We work with Richard Meinders from ATC-Comm for the RT (radiotelephony) course. In this course you learn the language of radio communication. Together with some standard procedures and expressions, you will also know the alphabet from Alpha to Zulu.


For PPL you need a medical class 2.