ME-IR training with PBN, Rotor & Wings' unique selling point

Your training as a pilot isn't finished until you know how to fly on instruments.

The module Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR) can be taken at Rotor & Wings by anyone with a license. Learning to trust and use the instruments properly instead of just your eyes.Taking the right decisions at a higher rate than you were used to. This interesting course has it all and takes you to a higher level. Your skills will stand out in a job interview.


Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Starting this training, you probably aim for a job as a professional pilot. All airlines work with the Multi Pilot, ME-IR system.

In short, you need an Instrument Rating to fly and navigate with the use of instruments instead of actual visual references. For commercial use this has to be on a Multi Engine airplane.


As part of a job application you will get into a simulator with another pilot and you are expected to work together in a multi crew concept. If you are not used to this, it can be a handful. We try to prepare you by mixing multi crew elements into the training flights.


As demanding as the ME-IR training is, it's still a Single Pilot operation. We spice it up with some Multi Pilot aspects in the beginning. During the course more and more tasks are loaded on the student until he/she is ready to take the exam as a Single Pilot. This exam might have the highest workload of all.


Training this way is a good start to get ready for a Multi Crew Course (MCC).


We use the DA-42 to train for the ME-IR. This airplane has a modern glass cockpit and is PBN approved. Not only does it have a nice ergonomic cockpit with clear presentation of the instruments, it is also a cost-efficient and user-friendly plane to fly.