Get your CPL

To work as a pilot you need at least a Commercial Pilot License. After you gained some experience as pilot in command on your private license, you go back to school. In the classroom as well as in the helicopter, we raise your level of competence so you may obtain your CPL.


your CPL

To obtain your Commercial Pilot License, or CPL, you need approx. 100 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC).

To accumulate these hours you can fly in the Netherlands, at Rotor & Wings, or abroad. Whatever  you choose, we support and if possible accommodate you in trying to find suitable assignments that lead to the valuable experience that you need.


The course exists of:

  • PPL
  • 100 hours PIC
  • minimum of 30 hours CPL training
  • thirteen theoretical subjects


The theory is a (mandatory) combination of online learning and classroom meetings. The books and exams are in English. You must have passed the theoretical exams before you take your practical exam.


Of course you can start the practical training before you've finished all of the theoretical exams. For a CPL you will need a medical class 1. You can take the CPL exam when you are aged 18 or over.