How many hours am i flying?

In the menu under fixed-wing license, you find the different courses and the exact amount of hours you need for them, but in short this is what it looks like:


Your Private Pilot License, is at least 45 hours of training. With a PPL you can fly and act as Pilot in Command.


To obtain your Commercial Pilot License after this, you first need to fly 100 hours independently.

The practical training for CPL is another 30 hours.

This license also requires a Night Rating, which takes 5 hours.

So in about 180 hours Total Time you have your CPL and can start to work as a pilot.


Larger companies and airlines often ask for an Instrument Rating. This is another 40 hours of training under your belt but part of this training can be flown on a simulator.

Job applications often state a demand for >500 hours of Total Time. As a commercial pilot there are several opportunities to gain these hours.


Keeping your license valid

You didn't go through all this trouble to not use your license to fly. Even though your license remains valid indefinitely, the class ratings will expire.

Fixed-wing pilots have to fly 12 hours every year to maintain validity of their class rating. A one hour training flight with an instructor to practice some key exercises is than sufficient to get your rating renewed.

If you have not flown these hours, you can do a profcheck. This is a kind of practical re-exam where you show that your flying skills are up to standard. When you fail the profcheck, you can take additional training to improve your skills. The examiner has to sign of to let you back up in the air in a safe and responsible manner.