You love to fly and want to go up every chance you get. You like to explain how it works and why it is so much fun. As an instructor you have the opportunity to do so.


To become an instructor you need a CPL-A with at least 200 hours Total Time of which 150 hours as Pilot in Command.

We start with an assesment of competence, to see what you might need to approve and focus on.


The focus in the course is to improve all of your skills. As an instructor you will be teaching and therefor some 25 hours in the classroom are directed towards learning to teach. During the other 100 hours of theory the subjects of the real briefings will be covered. You will learn about how to explain the characteristics of a stall, in what way the thrust of a propeller affects the airplane or how you end up in (but more importantly, get out of!) a spin.


During the practical part you take the instructors seat. All exercises from the PPL syllabus are flown with an instructor as your dummy-student. As you fly an exercise, you explain at the same time what you do and why. The 'student' than flies the exercise while you try to fix the mistakes and take control in unexpected situations. In about 30 hours your skills will be finetuned to make sure that you will feel comfortable as an instructor at all times.


You will fly regularly, with a lot of different persons and under a lot of different circumstances. While you teach, you learn something new yourself every day. As an instructor you gather valuable experiences.