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Flightschool Rotor & Wings

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? At Rotor & Wings your training is in safe and capable hands.


Rotor & Wings is an Approved Training Organisation, based on airport Lelystad. We work with a digital program, you can prepare your lessons online and also check the evaluation of your flight.



How do I become an airplane pilot?

Has flying been your dream? At Rotor & Wings we offer a wide range of training programs: from private pilot to fully qualified airline professional. All flight training consists of a combination of theory and practical lessons. To keep track of your progress we use Flightlogger. This online portal allows you to check your lessons everywhere and anytime. For all types of licenses you will need to pass a medical check. Have yourself checked in time, so you know for sure this won't be a roadblock on your way to becoming a pilot!


Former students now fly at Transavia, KLM, Ryanair and TUI.


Private Pilot

The first step to be an independent pilot is getting your PPL, i.e.Private Pilote License. After at least 45 hours of practical flying, and 7 theoretical subjects and exams, you will be able to go out on your own. Taking that plane up in the air as the pilot in command. Part of this license is a course to learn to right way to communicate over the radio as well as an English proficiency exam.



You've reached first base, you can fly! But when you want to work as a professional pilot, you will need your Commercial Pilot Licence, in short: CPL.

After your PPL you will fly several hours on your own to gain some usefull experience as the pilot in command. During this time our instructors will be available for advice and information. For example if you want to land at a certain airfield or fly a route under supervision of an instructor. After this hour-building period, you will start the CPL training which contains more in-depth theory, more practical training to reach a higher standard and a medical class 1 check.



Are you already certain your career will take you to the large aviation industry and the cockpit of an Airbus or Boeing will become your office?

Then you will need an ATPL with Instrument Rating. The training for this license is almost the same as for CPL, but the theory has one extra subject and requests even more in-depth knowledge of all the same subjects. For the instrument part there is quite a bit of extra practical training. A medical class 1 is of course required for ATPL.


Short training programs that we offer:

Night Rating (NR)

Instrument Flight Rating (IR)

Multi Engine Piston Class Rating (MEP)


Training with your own machine is also an option. Are you looking for something extra: Rotor & Wings also offers advanced training on subjects of your choice.


Sit down together

Rotor & Wings stands for custom-tailored education. We work with flexible training times and our school is open 7 days a week. We sit down with you first to be able to give the best advice for your situation. Do you wish to become a professional pilot we will have you take a few combined tests that result in a grading. This grading will provide an indication of your physical and psychological talent for flying and the level you may eventually reach.

Based on your grading and your own wishes we outline the training program in the most suitable way.