Get your PPL

The first step towards becoming a pilot, is getting your Private Pilot License, in short PPL. With this license you may fly by yourself, and you can take family or friends with you. Commercial intent or making a profit is not allowed.

get your PPL

The program towards getting your PPL exists of:

  • minimum of 45 hours practical training
  • seven theoretical exams
  • English Language Proficience exam (LPE)
  • Radiotelephony (RT)


The practical part can be concluded in 6 months, depending on the progress on the theoretical part.

Most of the theory can be done by self study but we accompany you in this process.

Amongs others you'll find subjects like Airlaw, Meteorology and Human Performance. The exams taken in the Netherlands are in Dutch, but it is also possible to take the exams in English.


The communication on the radio is mainly in English. The LPE is ment to test if your knowledge of this language is sufficient to communicate clearly with air traffic controllers.


We work with Richard Meinders of ATC-Comm for the Radiotelephony (RT) course. During this course you learn the RT 'language'. Next to a couple of standard procedures and expressions, you'll also get to know the alphabet from Alpha all the way to Zulu.


For PPL you need a Medical class 2.