Het blijft niet bij lessen
op ontdekkingstocht
met Rotor & Wings

Trip to Trier


2 CPL'ers, 2 PPL'ers en 2 passengers, a nice blended group.


On the way to Trier and back, part of the group travelled by car and part flew. Beforehand we decided the teams and the route.

This was quite a bit of work because in Germany some airfields are only open at very limited times, or don't have fuel or a restaurant.


This is how we ended up at the same airfield that another pilot of Rotor and Wings used a few days earlier. In Reichelsheim, the people were surprised to see the same helicopter turn up again, and wanting to pay the landing fee electronically again. This particular airfield does not accept cards in the tower, luckily they do at the refuel company.


Our day off was spent planning a beautiful route to Schloss Hohenzollern, while the other team was flying out and about. Karlsruhe was fun too, despite the rain shower that dropped on us on arrival. At night we had dinner in the hotel annex brewery, while exchanging our stories and experiences.


Upon arrival in Lelystad we all agreed that we could do something like this more often. Great Britain, France, Denmark, we have plenty of ideas.


Enrico Rikkers and team